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21 June 2012 @ 11:54 pm
Storming the Castle (A Crossover with Legend of the Seeker) 3/5  
Title: Storming the Castle (aka The One Where Richard and Kahlan Go To Nottingham) A Crossover with Legend of the Seeker
Written by: alorarose and serendipityxxi
Authors Notes: This takes place prior to "Torn" in LOTS-verse and post the Season 1 Finale of RH.
AN2: This is Chapter 3 there is a Chapter 3B which is rated NC17 and only includes the characters Richard and Kahlan so we won't be posting it here. You can read the story without reading 3B.
Chapter: 3/5
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3000~
Summary: Robin and the gang stumble across some newcomers to the forest with a strange story.